Caspian Horse stallion "Eastern Jehani"

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Caspian Stallion "Eastern Jehani"
Nickname Jehani (full name Eastern Jehani)
Registration CSHA 0099, Caspian stallion license SUSA #0025
Color, markings Fleabitten grey
Coat color genes Ee A? Gg
Height 12.1 hands (49” or 124 cm)
Date of birth 18 May 1997
Sire Hopstone Jamshyd, purebred Caspian stallion
Dam Hopstone Ma’ni, purebred Caspian mare
Progeny Azad Rhoshan ("Ross" 2011 colt o/o Phillee); Azad Zirak ("Ricky" 2010 colt o/o Phillee); Azad Hutan ("Hank" 2012 half-Caspian colt o/o Bunny); Kristull Jewel of the Sea ("Sea" 2004, o/o Shepton Tamara); Kristull Jaahana (2004, o/o Cheleken Jaana); Kristull Jetti (2004 chestnut colt o/o Tandara Etta); numerous others
Comments Imported from England in 1998. Jehani is “alpha” among the stallions at Maefield Farm. He is extremely friendly and personable with a gorgeous stallion head and kind eye. Jehani’s conformation is nicely balanced, and he has a great shoulder.


Caspian Horse stallion "Azad Surin"

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Caspian Stallion "Azad Surin"
Nickname Ed (full name Azad Surin, Ancient Persian Azad = noble, free; Surin = brave, war-like)
Registration CSHA 0433, Caspian stallion license SUSA #0115
Color, markings Chestnut, blaze, LH sock, front coronets
Coat color genes ee AA gg (confirmed by VGL at UC Davis)g
Height height 12.1 hands (49” or 125 cm)
Date of birth 22 April 2008
Sire MCC Tabriz Said, purebred Caspian stallion, chestnut
Dam Kristull Sumara, 2005 purebred chestnut Caspian mare at Maefield Farm
Progeny Sire of 2013 colt Edison ("Deuce" o/o Clouds End (TB)) and Penelope Jayne ("Penny" o/o Charlotte (medium pony hunter))
Comments Ed has an outgoing personality and great curiosity. He is easygoing and loves attention. We expect that his foals will inherit Ed’s athleticism and great temperament—can’t get enough of either of those virtues!


Caspian Horse stallion "Azad Tahmin"

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2011 Caspian Stallion "Azad Tahmin"
Nickname Tad (full name Azad Tahmin, ancient Persian Azad = noble, free; Tahmin = brave)
Registration CHSA # 0483, Caspian stallion license #0483
Color, markings Bay going grey, star, RH sock
Coat color genes E? A? Gg
Height 12.1 hands
Date of birth 10 June 2011
Sire Marida Dadan, purebred bay Caspian
Dam Kristull Daniska Top Lady, purebred Caspian at Maefield Farm, grey
Progeny None
Comments Tad is a super cutie, both in build and in temperament. He knows he’s something special and doesn’t hesitate to remind you that appropriate attention is warranted. When he’s not following his people around, he loves to play “baby stallion” games with his buddy, Ross. Tad should mature larger than his parents and will be a great performance pony or breeding stallion.